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Egg & Plasma Products


Liquid Egg Proteins

Standard liquid whole egg product with natural yolk/albumen inclusion
Approximate ratio of 70% albumen, 30% yolk. No shell
Available pasteurised or unpasteurised, frozen or chilled
Supplied 10 kg units or 1000 kg IBC


Egg Protein Powders

A consistent balanced source of both protein and amino acids
Core functionalities: ease of digestibility, enhancement of palatability
Fully stabilised, pasteurised and salmonella free product

Minimum 45% protein powdergeneral protein powder
Minimum 55% protein powderenhanced protein powder (designed for boilie production)
Minimum 80% protein powderalbumen based powder

Porcine Plasma Powder

Plasma proteins from porcine blood obtained by fractionation and spray drying
High emulsifying and gelling capacity
Approx. 70% protein
Supplied 20 kg sacks of triple ply construction


Powders: supplied 20 kg sacks of triple ply construction
Liquids: supplied 10 kg units or 1000 kg IBC
Consignment stock available by bespoke arrangement
All stock available ex UK warehousing
Full container loads available ex manufacturer


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