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Waste Egg Collection

Egg Supplies Limited operates a division specialised in the collecting and further processing of shell eggs unfit for human consumption.

We offer tailored bespoke solutions for disposal of such products into fully traceable and accountable supply channels. Weekly collections are available throughout the UK for hatcheries, egg processors, packers and other producers of eggs unfit for human consumption, which in turn supports the sustainability, corporate responsibility and waste reduction targets of our suppliers.

All such product collected in the UK is GUARANTEED to move to non human consumption end users, such as animal feedstuffs, fishing bait manufacture etc, etc.

Egg products unfit for human consumption are officially designated as Animal Byproducts (Category 3). All licensing by appropriate authorities are in place throughout our total supply chain, including management, transport and final processing.

Options for ‘free on loan’ supply of breaking and cooling equipment are also available for all industry sectors, thus saving significant capital expenditure for our suppliers.

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The above service, designed from years of extensive knowledge in the egg industry, ensures that Egg Supplies Ltd is the company that can significantly reduce your waste costs – contact us for specific details and a proposal tailored to your exact needs.

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