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Frozen Liquid Egg Proteins

Our standard liquid whole egg product is supplied with a natural yolk/albumen ratio and balanced aspect. An excellent source of both protein and fat at an approximate ratio of 70% protein, 30% fat. No shell inclusion.
Supplied in either pasteurised or unpasteurised format, 10 kg units, standard pallet deliveries. 

Egg Protein Powders

Egg protein powders are a consistent balanced source of both protein and amino acids. The core functionality of easy digestibility as well as enhancement of palatability are primary aspects of these fully stabilised, pasteurised and salmonella free products.
Egg Supplies Limited offers 3 main powder types:
Minimum 45% protein powdergeneral protein powder
Minimum 55% protein powderenhanced protein powder (designed for boilie production)
Minimum 80% protein powderalbumen based powder

Egg Shell

Our egg shell is fully heat treated to eliminate salmonella and other pathogens.
Egg shell is predominantly calcium carbonate (approx. 95%+)


Egg Supplies Limited has exclusive trading relationships with primary manufacturers of our range of egg products in the UK, Europe and America. We also have an established and regular requirement for shell eggs not destined for the human consumption sector. Full traceability and transparency is assured and guaranteed at every stage of our procurement process, and we can convert costly 'egg waste' into a genuine revenue stream. Please get in touch for more information.

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Egg Supplies Limited operates warehousing both in the UK and mainland Europe to ensure consistent supplies are available, and total transparency from supplier to end user is maintained at all times. We therefore offer deliveries in volumes from a few sacks up to full container loads - delivered directly from manufacturer to your store - contact us to discuss your exact needs!


All products are supplied in 25 kg sacks of triple ply construction.
Contact Egg Supplies Limited for a transportation quotation suited to your order.

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